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4 September 2017

Our team presented the NEW’EE® soundbar in front of a jury from the Marriott Testbed program. 

Marriott hotels launched for the second time the TestBED program in order to discover new technologies aimed to improve the customer experience. This international contest proposes an individual support for the winner and offers possibility to test their products in a Marriott Hotel based in a main european town.

To have a chance of being selected, the applicant start-ups had to  :

  • Improve customer experience inside the bedroom
  • Transform the customer experience inside and outside the hotel
  • Offer a « haven of peace » to the customers

8 compagnies out of 150 have been selected for an oral presentation in London. Life Design Sonore was part of this finalists, so we had the opportunity to present our solution in front of the jury.

Our NEW’EE® soundbar has a lot of assets :

  • Fixed behind a headboard, it broadcasts sound of television in an immersive way improving the customer experience.
  • The broadcasting quality next to the user’s ears enables to decrease the television volume : the noise pollution is reduced in the hotel !
  • Wireless and with no speaker, the system is fully invisible and doesn’t disturb the decoration of the room.

View video of the NEW’EE® experience in a hotel

Finally, our soundbar has not been chosen by the jury but our team is proud to be finalist of the contest.

We’ll try again in 2018 : See you next year !

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